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ABBYY FlexiCapture is an intelligent platform for capturing meaningful data, relationships and insights from documents, forms and correspondence to improve business outcomes. It transforms documents into business value by capturing and validating information in any format at its point of need. Intelligently digitizing documents and automating document processes, FlexiCapture helps organizations remove risk and cost while accelerating revenue and drive competitive advantage every day.

Key new features:

Intelligent data extraction from any source
A single enterprise platform supporting any input source ensuring scalability and extensibility for today and the future. Whether documents are coming from mobile devices, email, fax, document, scanners, ftp or multifunction printers, the FlexiCapture platform can support processing of content from any data source.
Multi-level documents classification
Automate the task of understanding, separating, and routing documents through AI based classifiers that are trained automatically using the latest in machine learning methods. Whether processing and classifying structured forms, semi-structured documents like invoices, tax, claims or onboarding documents, or completely unstructured documents like correspondence and contracts, FlexiCapture can help you reduce your document handling costs while accelerating the process. No more manual sorting and labelling needed.
Data validation and control
Critical data fields, context, entities are identified, validated and automatically processed according to business rules and requirements. The system can be easily trained and uses ongoing machine learning for continuous improvements and cost control.
Visibility into data and processes
Monitoring tools and reports on key parameters, including resources, performance and accuracy, provide process transparency and predictability while giving administrators insight to opportunities for improvement.

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