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Partners and Service Providers:


EgoSecure combines statistics and real-time analysis of the current security situation in the company and a complete endpoint data loss protection functionality in one solution. All this is tightly interconnected in one solution through one management console, one database, and one installation and administration concept. This guarantees fast installation and easy administration. User training is usually not necessary because most of the protection functions take place in the background. The goal of EgoSecure is to make users’ work safe without losing productivity. All in keeping with the motto ‘everything continues to run as before, but much safer’. 

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SuperMap is an innovative GIS platform software and service provider. SuperMap GIS product line is comprised of a full range of GIS platforms, including Cloud GIS, Component GIS, Desktop GIS, Mobile GIS and client SDK. The 4 key technologies of SuperMap GIS include Cross-platform GIS, Cloud and Client Integration GIS, new generation 3D GIS and Big Data GIS.

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