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The reliable, proven security platform that protects your bottom line. This tightly integrated solution combines outstanding protection, detection and incident response capabilities, based on unequalled global security intelligence and Next Generation machine learning, to automatically enrich your SOC and enhance your risk mitigation capabilities. Protection for every physical, virtual and cloud-based endpoint is managed together through one console, improving efficiency and reducing your TCO

Next Gen Endpoint Security
Fully scalable protection, based on our award-winning threat intelligence engine and incorporating granular controls, anti-ransomware and exploit prevention technologies.

Endpoint Detection and Response
Proactively hunting out adversaries and halting threats before they can cause expensive damage, and responding rapidly and effectively to incidents and data breaches.

Managed Protection
A round-the-clock monitoring and incident response service, from the recognized world leader in investigating APTs, dedicated to hunting down cyberthreats to your organization

GDPR Compliance
Kaspersky Endpoint Security supports work of your DPO – protecting customer and employee data, preventing security incidents, and mitigating the risk of a data breach

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