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Since Digital Education began to play a greater role in the world as an important means for Accessible Education, kindly find at this link a brief overview of the ND company with the 28+ year experience in this field.

We provide a range of Digital Learning Complexes – from Pre-School to Primary & Secondary School, such as English course or Computer ScienceInteractive WhiteboardsVirtual Labs and many others.

Special emphasis is put on the Electronic Systems for Teacher Professional Development, as teacher is key for success: Here’s an overview video + how the system works + its elaborate presentation.

Additional to the K12-curriculum standard subjects, ND provides non-standardized yet those which are in real demand in different countries, e. g.  Road Traffic Safety digital learning complex.

Also, what’s been gaining popularity is their Digital Documents Management Platform based on Blockchain technology for Education: More on that at this web site + in this summary deck.

To give you a flavor of what we do beyond K12 system, please take a look at our Corporate Education 3-minute video overview + respective deck disclosing more details on this subject.

In summary: Given ND’s expertise, experience and technologies, we can help you – either with a specific course or with a full-fledged project like Russian Electronic School.